Furniture storage requires as much attention and trust as furniture moving. During packaging, we always make a list of the goods to be stored.

As customers are often worried about their goods getting lost or broken, they generally tend to ask questions such as “How is your storage?” or “Will my goods be safe there?”

We highly recommend you to visit the storage of your choice of moving company before you agree to work with them. You can be assured that your goods will be safe and trouble-free in our storage, which is monitored 24 hours a day with surveillance cameras.

We pack all the goods in accordance with the storage standards. As bubble wraps may cause long-term packed goods to sweat, we use special kraft papers. We also make sure that the packed goods get air from the holes available on both sides of the package.

Even if an assessment was previously made to come up with a net cubic meter calculation, your goods are evaluated for a second time right in front of your eyes for the volume and the net price calculation before they are put in the vehicle.

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